Updates in Bioabsorbable Metals 2020

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“Trends In Biometals 2020 Program, as of Aug 4, 2020”


Virtual Conference Presentation Guidelines

The current global pandemic has created enormous challenges in research and tremendously impact the life of each one of us.  The virtual conferencing becomes an effective platform to exchange ideas; present research results; discuss possible collaborations; and stay connected. The international organizing committee pledge to do the maximum to deliver the best and continued service to the International Biometal community.  Considering that the 12th Biometal 2020 was cancelled, the  international organizing committee decided to propose an alternative workshop event, named Updates in Bioabsorbable Metals 2020, on Aug 24 and 25, 2020. A call for abstract for this event is therefore open, ending up on June 28th.

This online event will be delivered over a professional platform, Zoom, and will be managed by a highly competent and very experienced technical team. The conference delivery platform will be rich with features such as text-based chat, questions with polls, hand rising. We will ask each presenter to upload in advance the presentation, that will be make accessible only at the planned time during the session. Chairperson will moderate the online sessions. The presenter and the attendees will all be both online, thus allowing a fruitful discussion time during the question period.

All registered participants will be able to attend all technical sessions. We intend to make as many presentations available as possible, for post conference streaming so that all registered attendees will be able to revisit the sessions and catch up with the talks they missed. 

Please note that we automatically assume, as presenter, that you accept your recorded presentation be made available to participants for post conference streaming on Biometal website. In case of refusal, please notify us by replying to this email ( ) by August 15th and we will make sure your presentation will only be available during the conference, and will not remain available after the conference.

Quality and Internet Speed Test

A quality headset, a high-quality camera, and a high-speed Wi-Fi are essential for attendees to experience a pleasant eWorkshop. For optimal webcast viewing, we recommend an Internet connection download speed of at least 2.5Mbps, please:

Click here to test your connection speed

Optional 2020 Background

An optional background for the Updates in Bioabsorbable Metals 2020 workshop is at your disposal to hide or standardize your backstage during your presentation, you can download it here (available soon). This feature works best with a green screen and uniform lighting, to allow Zoom to detect the difference between you and your background. Please click here for instructions to change the standard background.

Presentation format

Keynote presentation: The time allocated to each keynote speaker is 40 minutes (30’ pre-recorded or live for the talk followed by a 10’ for questions). We plan to have  four (4) keynote speakers, on invitation only. They will be selected based on the submitted abstract. Keynote speakers are intended to provide a broad and clinical view of an aspect in the field (materials, corrosion, in vitro and in vivo testing).

Oral presentation: The time allocated to each invited speaker is 20 minutes (15 min pre-recorded talk followed by a 5’ living questions online).

Short Oral Presentation: The time allocated to each express presentation speakers is 10 minutes. Please note that a period of 20 min of discussion is planned each 6 short oral presentations. Discussion is important for bioabsorbable metals.

UnSchedule presentations: Accepted abstracts that could not be accommodated in the LIVE presentation schedule will be available to registered participants. Presenter will be asked to prepared a 10 min. pre-recorded presentation of their work which will be available to participants from the opening of the Symposium until its conclusion. Authors will be asked to provide an email address through which participants can contact them to agree on a virtual get together. This will effectively replace habitual Poster Sessions.

Keynote – Oral – Short-Oral Presentation

Before the conference starts:

  • In order to enter the platform, make sure you are registered to the conference. If so, you should have received your registration number and access code in the Automated acknowledgment of your registration email. *Please note the access will be send in a reminder to all registrants before the conference*
  • You should have received from Biometal Secretariat your presentation schedule.
  • Find your presentation in the online program as scheduled

A Moderator will be assigned to each virtual session to ensure smooth transitions between presentations (pre-recorded and live) and promote speakers when needed (e.g. question period/live presentation). A Session Chair will also be assigned to each session to facilitate and oversee time and question period.

Presenters, here’s how to prepare for the webinar:

  • Make sure to install Zoom on the computer you will be using or update it to Version 5; it will be requested to access the platform.
  • Test your internet speed.
  • A microphone is recommended as well as a quiet place cut off from ambient noise to allow you better interactions.
  • Optional Biometal 2020 Background is at your disposal to hide or standardize your backstage during your presentation, you can download it here.This feature works best with a green screen and uniform lighting, to allow Zoom to detect the difference between you and your background. Please click here for instructions to change the standard background.
  • Live presentation: You are free to choose the style of presentation you want; all you will need to do is to share your screen.

 To access the virtual conference and the session in which you are presenting:

  • Select the Program tab,
  • Join the online platform available through the main Conference Agenda,
  • Use the icon Login available on the right in your top menu,
  • Enter your Registration number and access code provided by Biometal Secretariat
    *Please note the access will be send in a reminder to all registrants just before the conference*

You will then enter the virtual conference agenda where you can click on the watch live icon available for your session.

Before the session starts

  • Each presenter will access the session of his or her presentation by joining the online platform available through the main Conference Agenda, the moderator will then promote you as speaker when required. Please make sure to join the session 10 minutes prior its start to help the moderator find you easily.
  • When entering the webinar, make sure to name yourself in the platform by your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME to help the moderator and session chair to find you.
  • We strongly encourage all participants to pre-record their presentations to improve the quality of the delivery, avoid going over time and avoid any technical issue. It is suggested to use creative methods, e.g. subtitle and animations, to enhance your presentation further. Live presentations will still be accepted. If you submit a pre-recorded presentation you will be invited to join live for the question period at the end.
  • The question period will take place in livestream following your presentation. If pre-recorded, the moderator will give you access to the discussion and the Chair will lead the question period.

During the session:

Please note the following adjustments for this virtual conference:

  • Live presentations: The Moderator will manage time by sending a heads up to the speaker 2 minutes before the end of time allotted using the chat tool. Once it’s time for the question period, the screen will be switched to panel mode by the Moderator and both Session Chair and the speaker will appear side by side on screen.
  • Please note that pre-recorded presentations will already be set in order to present. The moderator will play them according to the established schedule. The question period will take place in livestream following the presentation. If pre-recorded, the moderator will give the speaker access to the discussion and the Chair will lead the question period and time allotted.
  • Q&A Chat tool will be used by registered attendees to ask questions, the Session Chair will choose the most relevant ones to read for presenter to answer during question period.

If a speaker needs technical assistance, he or she will be able to inform the moderator to assist by using the Chat tool available in the platform.

Chat: Session Chair and Moderator will be able to send message privately to presenters if needed and view other chat between panelists.

Pre-recorded Presentation:

You are free to choose the style of presentation you want, you can decide to record only your slides, yourself or both.
Different tools are available to assist you and enhance your presentation, please find some suggestions below:

If you wish to allow attendees to contact you after the conference, make sure to include your name and email address on the last slide of your presentation.

Live Presentation:

  • Make sure you have access to a high-speed internet connexion.
  • A microphone is recommended as well as a quiet place cut off from ambient noise.
  • You are free to choose the style of presentation you want, all you will need to do is to share your screen.

Presentation Upload

We ask you to submit your recorded video no later than August 20, 2020 - 

When you are ready to upload your presentation, gather the following information before entering the uploading system:

  • Recorded video file (please remember to use the abstract reference number to rename your video);
  • Reference Number (you will find it in the acceptance notice email sent by Biometal secretariat);
  • Access Code (you will find it in the acceptance notice email sent by Biometal secretariat).

To upload your video to our server, you have to access your submitted abstract. Please click on the link below and use the access code provided previously by Biometal Secretariat.


Once your are logged in your file, click on « Upload your video here », the button on the top menu bar and follow the steps.

At the end of the process, please do not forget to click on "Finalize" button to validate your entry or your modifications.

Special Issue

The International Organizing Committee of Updates in Bioabsorbable Metals 2020 is proud to announce that Bioactive Materials (IF2019: 8,724), a KeAi young open-access young journal with a strong ambition, endorsed the Symposium and will provide strong collaboration to highlight the scientific content of the Symposium. Regular papers, reviews and short communications will be published in a special issue (after regular submission to the Journal and full peer-review).

The main topics of consideration for this special issue will include:

Materials development, design, processes, surfaces and interfaces;
Corrosion, processes, degradation, assessment, standardization procedures;
In vitro works, including the assessment of the performances by in vitro processes;
In vivo results, prediction of the preclinical and clinical performances, methods for assessing the in vivo results, including imaging, non-destructive testing, and others;
Any other pertinent research devoted to biodegradable metals

Although Bioactive Materials is a young journal, please note that the impact of this special issue comprising a whole cluster of papers focused on biodegradable metals. The special issue will be limited to 18 manuscripts, so start planning today your next paper in the special issue on Biodegradable Metals in Bioactive Materials. Deadline for submission is 31 October 2020.

Bioactive Materials is an open access journal. Fees for publishing apply (840 US$). However, for manuscripts submitted during the free week (19-25 October 2020), open access fees will be waived.

Please note that a special service for English revision at minimal cost is available (but not mandatory) to maximize the quality of your manuscript prior to submission. More information are available here.


Important Dates

General Abstract Submission

Open in January 2020, close July 5, 2020 

Notice of acceptance
July 15, 2020
Registration deadline for accepted abstract presenters
July 26, 2020
August 24 and 25, 2020

Please do not wait the last minute to beneficiate of the early bird registration fee, register today! In doing so, you will help us in planning, and providing a superior experience.