It is a condition of acceptance of your presentation that: (1) at least one of the authors must present the paper (oral/poster/short-oral&poster) at the conference, and (2) the presenting author must make advance author registration with full remittance before May 6, 2021 (Strict due date), otherwise the Organizing Committee will neither be able to include the paper in the final program for presentation, nor the abstract be included in the special issue of eCM.

It has been the Biometal policy since 2009 that every participant (including the Organizing Committee members/Invited Speakers) attending a Biometal symposium must register and pay the author registration fees before the early bird deadline of May 6, 2021. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Early Registration is strongly recommended. Especially in 2021, when physical or virtual registrations will be possible, the organizing committee strongly recommend to participants thinking to be physically present onsite to register as soon as possible, and no later than May 6, 2021.  When the number of physical registrations exceeds the capacity of the venue, the deadline for registration will be advanced and the symposium registration will close without prior notice. First arrived, first served.
  2. Onsite Registration will not be accepted. The Onsite attendees of the 13th BIOMETAL 2021 must register here, in the inclusive format.
  3. Separate registration for the event and lodging are not available. All participants must be registered with the plan offered by the Symposium, which includes registration fees, lodging, meals, coffee breaks and all activities. This is the winning formula for a highly networked symposium, and it has been proven and validated since 2010.
  4. A physical registration can be transferred to a virtual registration, without penalties, up to June 15, 2021 . The difference will be simply reimbursed. Between June 16, and July 15, 2021 if a physical registration will be transferred to virtual, a penalty of 200 Euro will be applied.

NEW this year: A virtual participation will be possible with a Virtual participant registration.

Even if vaccination is already started and planned in most of countries, we are aware that it might be impossible, or unsuitable, for some scientists to travel to Spain to attend the 13th Biometal2021. Therefore, the Symposium will be presented as a HYBRD event. This mean that all live presentations (1st day workshop, keynoptes, oral and poster presentations) will be accessible to Virtual registrants as follows:

1.     A complete access to the presentation in real time, as they are happening on site (and at the same Alicante time, CET). For virtual attendees and presenters, questions and interactions will also be possible, using the chat function of ZOOM;

2.     Extra ZOOM sessions will be planned, so that discussions can take place with the speakers at a time period outside of the presentation schedule;

3.     Traditional posters will be enhanced with pre-recorded video presentations accessible during the 5 days of the Symposium. Poster presenters will also be accessible for discussion using ZOOM.

For presenting authors, once the abstract is accepted, registration, both physical or virtual, must follow no later than the early bird registration deadline (May 6, 2021). Accepted abstracts will be included in the program ONLY if their paid registration is received by the Symposium Secretariat by May 6, 2021 (early bird registration).

Registration fees for physically-onsite participants include:

·       Full registration to the conference, including: Access to the conference, Symposium Abstract Book, Program, Welcome Reception;

·       Internet access;

·       Full lodging for 5 nights (see lodging options below);

·       Full Meals with beverages from Sunday August 22 dinner to Friday August 27, breakfast, Coffee Breaks & Conference dinner for all registered attendees;

·       3 months access to all recorded presentations, subject to permission from the authors

Registration will be exclusively online: First come, first served!
Please note that the number of rooms is limited.

Registration fees for virtually online participants include:

·       Full registration to the conference, including: Online access to the conference, Symposium Abstract Book, Program;

·       3 months access to all recorded presentations, subject to permission from the authors

Deadline for Early bird Registration is at midnight (12:00am EST), Quebec City (Canada) time on May 6, 2021.


Registration fee paid by Bank Transfer will be billed in Euros (official currency)

Before May 6

After May 6


Registration fee paid by credit card will be billed in USD






Single Occupancy for Academic Researchers






Single Occupancy for Industrials




2 100€


Multiple Occupancy for Students and Postdocs only






1 100€




Virtual registration for Industrials










Virtual registration for Academic Researchers










Virtual registration for Students and Postdocs only










Accompanying person (on site)
(Academic Researchers and Industrials only)






*Euros-USD = All rates in Euros are much more favorable for the participant as well as the organizer. We are encouraging you to use the bank transfer in Euros. Upon demand we will send a link for payment by credit card in USD.





  • Payment must be done directly thru a bank transfer directly to the Conference organizer (in Euros funds), alternatively, if needed, a credit card option thru the Conferium Payment portal (in USD Funds) is available.

    ·       Fill in the registration form and on the last page of the process you will be able to select "Bank Transfer" or "Credit Card". If you select "Bank Transfer" you will receive a link for the bank information in your confirmation email within 15 minutes. If you select "Credit Card" we will send you a secure payment link (in USD) within 72 hours.

    ·       **Double rooms MUST be shared with other symposium student participants. For students and post-doc requesting to share a room with a family member (not attending the symposium), a single registration (1300 € before May 6) must be processed for the attendee, while an extra registration for the family member should be bought as soon as possible. First arrived first served. The organizing committee will not be responsible for late registration of family members.

    ·       Accommodations will be handled on the online registration of this website. The Organizing Committee will consider your preferences but cannot guarantee them. The Registration fees include 5 nights all-inclusive accommodation at The Hotel Alicante Golf. Please visit the Program to know the planned activities.


    Letter for visa. They can only be sent by email (free of charge) or Priority Mail at the cost of 100 € each priority-mailed envelope. Fees for a group of letters can be paid only once if all letters are to be sent at the same address, at the same time). This is not refundable.


    Symposium Registration fee Payment must be done by Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

    If you select to use a bank transfer, information necessary to complete the bank transfer will be provided to you in the confirmation email that you will received after you complete your registration.

    When the transfer is completed you must send by e-mail ( a scan of the Bank’s Telegraphic Transfer Remittance Form showing the payment together with the confirmation number issued by the Secretariat. The attendee must cover all fees related to his/her transaction for the bank transfer. 

    If you use the Credit Card option, Payment needs to be made using the Conferium secure payment system in USD. We will send you a secure payment link (in USD) within 72 hours.

    Please note that Symposium Registration will be confirmed only upon receipt of the registration fee; Therefore, the letter for a visa cannot be sent as long as registration will not be received by our Secretariat.

    Substitution, Refund and Cancellation Policy

    In case of a cancellation, the following will apply:

    ·               An onsite registration can be transferred to a virtual registration at no charge before June 15th, 2021. A refund of the overpayment will be made. 

    ·               Substitution (onsite to onsite or virtual to virtual) of a participant that is unable to attend is always possible. A fee of 50 € will be charged.

    ·               Before May 6, 2021: No Cancellation fee

    ·               From May 6 to July 15th, 2021: 250 € Cancellation fee

    ·               No refund is available after July 15th, 2021.

    ·               The letter for VISA fee (Priority mail 100 €) is not refundable.


If you have any queries regarding the registration fee and its payment, please contact Conferium Conference Services by e-mail:


To get more information, please contact:

BIOMETAL 2021 Secretariat 

Conferium. Conferences. Events. Service
425 blcd. René-Lévesque Ouest
Québec QC  G1S 1S2 Canada

Phone: +1 418 522 8182
Toll free (Canada and U.S.): +1 800 618 8182
Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 16:00 U.S. / Canadian Eastern Time



Important Dates

General Abstract Submission

Open in January 2021, close April15, 2021 to be considered for an Oral presentation.
Posters can be submitted up to July 15, 2021

Notice of acceptance
May 15, 2021
Registration deadline for accepted abstract presenters
July 4, 2021
August 22 to 27, 2021

Please do not wait the last minute to beneficiate of the early bird registration fee, register today! In doing so, you will help us in planning, and providing a superior experience.